A Morning with Patrik Rolf

A Morning with Patrik Rolf

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An exclusive experience tailored to the ultimate Home Brewer. Come join us in Woodstock, Cape Town for a once in a lifetime coffee experience with Patrik Rolf of April Coffee, one of the top roasteries globally, in collaboration with up & coming local roastery Cedar Coffee. Sure to be a morning to remember and it will take your coffee journey to the next level! As part of Creative Coffee Week this year we're having this exclusive Home Brewers Experience.

What can you expect:

Insights into Patrik's journey from enthusiast to Pro.

Brewing Masterclass. 

Your own April Brewer to take home.

A copy of Patrik's book From Nerd to Pro

250g of April Coffee - express delivered from Copenhagen!

Eats by The Happy Uncles (Halaal Fine Dining)

Venue: Brutal Gallery, Side Street Studio