Programme of Events

FNB Creative Coffee Week 2019

*This programme will be constantly updated and is subject to change.

Venue: The Haystore, Point Waterfront


Day One: Thursday 27th June

7am:  Registration opens. Attendees to pick up accreditation & CCW Welcome packs. Complimentary Coffee from Sanremo South Africa. Breakfast by Glenwood Bakery

9am: Morning Cupping Session. Equipment provided by Equipment Cafe

10am - 11.30am: Workshop 1: Colin Harmon WIKARCS and Q&A

11.30am -12.30pm: Workshop 2: Career Possibilities in Coffee with Trish Rothgeb

12.30pm - 1.30pm:  Lunch by Falafel Fundi and coffee at the Sanremo Brew Bar

1.30pm - 3pm:  Workshop 3 with Emi Fukahori & Mathieu Theis

Competition Focus: How coffee competitions can elevate your business and what it takes to be the best.

1pm - Cupping: Ethiopian Coffees, different regions and processing

3.30pm - 5pm: Workshop 4: Interview with Tesfaye Bekele - Suke Quto Farm in Guji region of Ethiopia and Panel Discussion focus Ethiopian Coffees

Having just tasted a selection of coffees from Ethiopia, discuss various processing methods and challenges around production.


6pm-10pm: Milk Manipulation Mayhem

A fun competition testing barista's milk skills. Beer and snacks provided.

Venue TBC

Day Two Friday 28th June

7am-8am: Breakfast by Glenwood Bakery at CCW Pop up Cafe with Sanremo SA Brew Bar

8am:  Morning Cupping Session

9am - 10.30am:  Workshop 5 with Colin Harmon

Building a Team and creating a unique Cafe Culture. Interactive, breaking into small groups.

11am - 12.30pm: Barista Wage Calculator Discussion - Richard Gevers and Matthew Adendorff of Open Data Durban, SCASA, CIRO

Barista Wages is a very relevant topic in our coffee community and in order to try better the current situation, we need to talk about it, in an open forum. The people who were part of building The Living Wage calculator will be there to address the impact creating a tool like this can have on a community.

12.30pm - 1.30pm:  Lunch.

1pm: Afternoon Cupping/Tasting - A Shot in the Dark coffees (Specialty Coffee Exchange and Sevenoaks Trading)

1pm- 4pm: Workshop 5: A Shot in the Dark presented by Genio Roasters - Finals

Demo: How to Approach a New Coffee with Trish Rothgeb

Winston Thomas to MC discussion with Competing Roasters


7pm-late:  Caffeine Comedown Party 


Day Three: Saturday 29th July

7am: Breakfast by Glenwood Bakery at CCW Pop up Cafe with Sanremo SA Brew Bar

8am: Morning Cupping

9am-10.30am: New Product Demos

Discover and try out the latest in coffee gadgets and products.

9am-10.30am: Panel Discussion with Trish Rothgeb and Green Bean Importers

Realistically, how can we, the coffee community, help at farm level with ongoing price crisis. Direct trade not a sustainable option for majority of roasters. Roasters and cafes have to trust Green Bean Importers, how do they ensure transparency, what are the cost implications.


10.45am - 12pm: Beverage Innovation - Increasing revenue and engaging new customers

12pm: Lunch


 Breakaway session: 

8am - 4pm: Entrepreneur Day at Big Box KwaMashu

10.45am - 12pm: Home Barista Workshop, Haystore Pop-Up cafe area.


7pm - 11pm - FNB Coffee Magazine Awards 2019 and Gala Dinner

At The Haystore

Afterparty: The Chairman