Why should I come to Creative Coffee Week?

For anyone interested in coffee and the industry behind this magical beverage, this is the event for you.

The idea behind Creative Coffee Week has always been to bring the conversations happening in coffee all around the world a little closer to home. We have a thriving and growing coffee community here and it's only going to get better. Hopefully this platform keeps encouraging that.

We aim to bring together great coffee minds and you get one on one face time with people at the top of their game. It's invaluable!

And everyone is invited!


Where can I find more information, like the programme of events for CCW?

Please see an example of last years program: https://creativecoffeeweek.com/pages/programme-of-events


How is the program put together?

It's a collaborative process curated by The Coffee Magazine in conversation with industry leaders across the value chain. We are always open to suggestions!


Where and when is CCW2024 being held this year?

Acacia House is on Umhlanga Ridge. The dates are Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th July.


What does it cost to come to CCW?

This will be released soon.


That seems a bit pricy? Why are the tickets that amount?

Creative Coffee Week is an investment in your business and your continuing coffee education. We strive to make the experience immersive and provide you with a coffee wonderland that is both stimulating and extremely fun so that you leave with renewed drive an energy to make coffee better!

It costs a lot to pull off this kind of specialised event and we are building a top quality international event, to get to this style of event overseas is far more expensive (especially with our beleaguered ZAR).


Can I volunteer to work at CCW?

Yes! We are looking for coffee professionals to Volunteer at the event - we need volunteers to be baristas, to help with cuppings, to assist us with all the things that happen at events. In return we will give you a complimentary pass to CCW24, you’ll get a goodie bag, we’ll feed you and let you participate in the events activities, when you are off your shift.

You can apply here.


Where is the best place to stay in Durban for the event?


We are working on securing an amazing hotel partner, but Umhlanga has amazing places to stay and sea views, baby!


I'm a member of the public, but I'm interested in the coffee world. Are there any opportunities for me to get involved?

YES! There are events happening in the evenings that we'd love for you to join us!

Come make and taste some coffees with us and engage with coffee professionals while we geek out over machinery